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Next edition:
14-15 January 2020
Messe Essen, Germany

  • Infratech
  • Safety and Health at work
  • Maintenance NEXT
  • Europort
Unmanned systems insights

Unmanned systems insights

TUS Expo will be an important hub for all technical trade fairs at Rotterdam Ahoy. The platform will exhibit anything and everything related to unmanned systems and/or robotics with a suitable (scientific) programme. A Robo Valley for all technical trade fairs in Rotterdam Ahoy. Therefore, the TUSexpo label will become a fixed part of the following current productions: Europort, InfraTech, Maintenance Next, Safety&Health@Work.

Unmanned products (either autonomous or remote controlled) and services in air, ground, water and underwater domains. Core activities: improvement of maintenance & inspection, public or personal safety & security and process automation. Taking over tasks that are 'dirty, dull and/or dangerous’.

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TUS Expo will be incorporated in all technical trade fairs organized by Rotterdam Ahoy. By following this strategy TUS Expo will always target a specific industry or a specific audience  and now covers:

  • Unmanned Systems in the maritime industry
  • Unmanned Systems in the Infra industry
  • Unmanned Systems in the Maintenance industry
  • Unmanned Systems in the industry for safe & healthy work
  • InfraTech Germany

    InfraTech Germany

    14 - 15 January 2020 | Messe Essen

    InfraTech has a leading position in bringing the infra industry in one place. The advantages of including TUS Expo in the event program are clear. Unmanned systems and robots can operate across the full range of infrastructure inspection, maintenance and repair tasks; working in the air, on the ground, in water and underground. They provide greater accuracy, no uncertainty of human factors and faster operations.

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  • Safety&Health@Work


    22 & 23 April 2020 | Rotterdam Ahoy

    Safety&Health@Work offers s a dedicated knowledge and networking platform  for professionals who value safe and healthy working conditions.  Unmanned systems and robots can improve such conditions by assisting with or completely taking over the 'dirty, dull and dangerous' tasks in a safe, controlled manner. TUS Expo will certainly add value in this field.  

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  • Maintenance NEXT

    Maintenance NEXT

    29 - 31 maart 2021 | Rotterdam Ahoy

    Maintenance NEXT is the ultimate meeting place for maintenance professionals. Drones and other unmanned  systems can deliver a major contribution in maintenance, especially in chemical and petro chemical industries. In combination with  big data analysis these systems provide the formula for a solid predictive maintenance strategy. TUS Expo will showcase such insights intensively.

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  • Europort


    2 - 5 November 2021 | Rotterdam Ahoy

    Europort belongs to the world’s largest maritime exhibitions and has now incorporated the TUS Expo brand. Autonomous Shipping and remote controlled operations are key Innovation issues in the maritime sector. Smart ships will lead the future. Unmanned systems and robo technology will become more advanced and will be more  integrated in vessel operations, ship maintenance and shipbuilding.

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